A Ban on airstrikes approved in Yemen

A Transitional Justice proposal that would prohibit drone strikes and criminalize extrajudicial killing in all its forms (drones/cruise missles/cluster bombs, etc) has reached it’s final stage at the National Dialogue Conference in Yemen. According to Baraa Shiban, an NDC delegate and Reprieve’s Yemen Project Coordinator, said the proposal was  passed  yesterday with 90% consensus. The […]

10 Reasons you should be OUTRAGED on the Drone Wars:

10. Bombing civilian communities and destroying homes, schools, hospitals, and pharmacies, is a form of terrorism. Saying oops and labeling them collateral damage is not OK. They are human beings with stories and histories. These are War Crimes. Ex. On Dec 2009, a U.S. Tomhawk cruise missile hit al-majalah, a village in Yemen and dropped cluster bombs […]

To Assess U.S. Drone Policies We Must Listen to More Farea al-Muslimis

Written by me and Noor Mir . Originally posted on Muftah We are not here to proffer an analysis. We are not academics. We are here as a Pakistani and a Yemeni, as activists, as citizens of this country and as citizens of our homelands. We are dismayed. We are confused. But we are not […]

Finding solidarity in the midst of Boston Bombing &U.S. Drones in Yemen

During the Boston bombing, Obama made a statement ” The American people refuse to be terrorized.” Two days before his statement, Obama bombs my friend’s village in Yemen and kills 5 civilians. In Iraq, 46 were killed. Today, Obama kills 2 more in Yemen.  “All in all, this has been a tough week.” Obama says.   Whats […]

Mr. Brennan, The Yemeni people DO mind your drone killings

Mr. Brennan claims that in Yemen, there’s no opposition to drones. Really Mr. Brennan, Are we invisible to you? There is no one I can think of who would agree to your statement. As a matter of fact, some of us here in Yemen have been trying to organize an online live debate on the […]