Yemeni rappers find a voice that echoes traditional styles

(Originally posted on The National ) The 20-year-old Yemeni woman is leaning on an old stone wall in front of an ancient door leading to Sana’a’s biggest souk when she suddenly breaks into rhyme.“I put everything on you, I threw everything at you,” she says.“I didn’t trust you or believe you after all we went […]

Ammar Basha Shines light on Yemen through Fiction Film

(Originally posted in Yemen Today Magazine) Oceans away from the glamour and pizzazz of Hollywood, in stone-built ground floors decorated with Qumariyah windows (geometric colored pattern windows), some of Yemen’s most promising filmmakers create their films, bring imagination to life and create a world of art. Scattered between bakeries and other residential homes, a young […]

Resisting the gaze of being “other”: أنا عربية يمنية أميركية

Yemen has been a wonderful time, its definitely not going to be my last trip here but I decided to share some thoughts and feelings I have been having throughout this incredible journey. As a little girl, adolescent, and young adult, I longed for a strong identity. Yes my family and I are Arab; but […]

Rhythms of Resistance: Speaking Noise to Power

Breakdancing for social change In the city of Sanaa, young people are break-dancing to sounds being spun on turntables and DJ mixers, rhyming in sync with the tunes and finishing graffiti fills created on stencils. Using dance and music to express deeply buried feelings, sharing promising practices, building and celebrating together. Ryan Sanabani, a young […]