The Making of ‘Coffee Snob’

I want to change the world and I want to tell people about my country. Grimme Institut and Deautche Welle made it happen. I have always looked to stortyelling as a way to heal hidden wounds, inspire and inform. Whether it is being a citizen journalist, or my life-long passion for photography, communication has been a central theme […]

Yemeni rappers find a voice that echoes traditional styles

(Originally posted on The National ) The 20-year-old Yemeni woman is leaning on an old stone wall in front of an ancient door leading to Sana’a’s biggest souk when she suddenly breaks into rhyme.“I put everything on you, I threw everything at you,” she says.“I didn’t trust you or believe you after all we went […]

Ammar Basha Shines light on Yemen through Fiction Film

(Originally posted in Yemen Today Magazine) Oceans away from the glamour and pizzazz of Hollywood, in stone-built ground floors decorated with Qumariyah windows (geometric colored pattern windows), some of Yemen’s most promising filmmakers create their films, bring imagination to life and create a world of art. Scattered between bakeries and other residential homes, a young […]

Winning War Through Racism & Propaganda

With all this media hype around the recent terror alert that went out on Tuesday, I felt compelled to write a post. I’m not going to get into the nonsense details of the hype because i believe it’s completely dramatized.. so if your interested about that nonsense, go google it. Instead it’s 3 a.m. and i […]

Activism culture

My organizing and activism is a big chunk of who I am. But a couple of months ago I made the conscious decision to take a  step back and reflect on some of my experiences.  I realized that as much as I loved organizing, the spaces I often found myself in  were pretty unhealthy and […]