Winning War Through Racism & Propaganda


With all this media hype around the recent terror alert that went out on Tuesday, I felt compelled to write a post. I’m not going to get into the nonsense details of the hype because i believe it’s completely dramatized.. so if your interested about that nonsense, go google it. Instead it’s 3 a.m. and i can’t sleep and  i decided to share some quick thoughts.

There is this falsified narrative that terrorism has taken over Yemen, as though all the people living in Yemen are either part of al Qaeda or support Al Qaeda. The lack of analysis in many of these claims  reflect a huge problem.  They are not only short-sighted but racist. Yemenis  more than Americans want to get rid of Al Qaeda, but the difference between the US government and the Yemeni people is that we, Yemenis, also acknowledge drones as being an act of “terrorism”. The difference between them and us, is that we believe we can  have  security without US drones and we believe we can have stability without  injustice.

We must interrupt the dominant narrative presented in the international media about Yemen. We must challenge the narrative of Al Qaeda, extremism , and the normalization of  terror in Yemen. This narrative has been successful in sustaining public support for the US’s continuous illegal assassination, killings, imprisonment, and various forms of  unconstitutional programs. But thanks to our history and whistleblowers  we know all too well how our government  really works, and so we must be very skeptical with whatever comes out of the White House and  hold our government accountable, not let them instill fear in us to get away with their racist imperialistic wars .  If we allow  the elites to frame our understanding of threats they will   blame it onto a  group they have terrified us with . For the past decade its been al Qaeda and unfortunately because of the tragic events of September 11 it has been very easy and convenient for the U.S. to  sell their war and justify their illegal programs such as the NSA and Drones to  the American public. And all the while, Yemenis, on whom the Yemeni government depends heavily on, are “othered” by the US government with their drone program with public support by the Yemeni government . Many Yemenis are labeled  militant for being brown, male and 16 years old,  and are forced to face the constant worry that a deadly strike may be fired at them at any moment. Sometimes they are assassinated and murdered in the name of counter-terrorism . For those of you reading, I challenge you to get to know  the real Yemen. To make an effort to meet a Yemeni and learn their story. To the U.S. Embassy in Sana’a:  Thanks for closing, you weren’t very friendly to my Yemeni people,  please take your Drones with you. Thanks.


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