At what cost?

Carlos Latuf

Carlos Latuff


What’s the new name they’ve got now?

To justify the killing, the murder of little Zahra

Without a shiver, bang bang.

He shoots, everything collapses.

Labeled just another collateral damage,
Just a young little girl, no one thought she’d be next.

People fighting over the technology used

But mama could care less

They just killed her last baby girl

They try to legalize the proper way to kill and

Tell me,  “Hey now, be ‘technically’ correct when describing her killing”

A drone? A cruise missile?

Her body clustered in a pile on the floor,

Unable to act, unable to move,

I couldn’t give a damn what was used

Murder, that’s what I know.

Humanity is so far away from people’s hearts

Bombing from up above to satisfy their patriotism and lies,

With total disregard for other peoples lives

Totally passive and apathetic,
our inhumanity and brutality
Letting the elite become beyond the law,
Beyond authority, and beyond accountability

At what cost?


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