Drawing Collateral Murder


A Yemeni child

Is drawing something in the sky

A bird? A plane?  What the hell did he just draw?


Drawing drones like those

which nearly killed him

The strikes have left him without an eye

and a face with brutal injuries and

 harsh marks of angry pain

 He draws planes

With a lost eye

He draws planes


He draws and he draws,

And he draws some more


Who did this?

Why did they do this?


A plane there and there

A plane everywhere.


They have so many planes

There’s no where to go


Under his bed

Still drawing, still searching

Why are these planes falling ?

Why didn’t they think of the people below?

Me and my brother khaled?

And mama?

what did we do?

 Left in broken pieces. Every one alone.

They’re happy now?

A bird, a plane, what the hell just went by?



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