Finding solidarity in the midst of Boston Bombing &U.S. Drones in Yemen


During the Boston bombing, Obama made a statement ” The American people refuse to be terrorized.” Two days before his statement, Obama bombs my friend’s village in Yemen and kills 5 civilians. In Iraq, 46 were killed. Today, Obama kills 2 more in Yemen

“All in all, this has been a tough week.” Obama says.  

Whats happened in Boston is truly terrifying and it must have been really tough to go through that kind of tragedy,  but truth is it’s devastating and tough every single day and every night for people living under US militarization and occupation. Unlike the boston bombing, events in the Middle East and Pakistan and Afghanistan, have not yet had an end date.

I don’t mean to take  away anyones feelings from the Boston tragedy  but it’s my hope that maybe, just maybe, through our collective sadness and anger we can begin to understand what it’s like for people living under U.S. foreign policy. But truth is, we will never actually know what its like for them because Boston isn’t being bombed everyday and there is no occupying army. But regardless what has happened in Boston is terrifying but I hope that we can take this time  to learn and understand what our (US) government has been doing to other countries. This could be an opportunity for us to look through a different lens and connect with individuals  in Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Palestine, and Afghanistan and elsewhere. All these attacks are connected so when we connect our struggles we can build together and work to create more awareness within our communitites about the realities of what our government is doing to us within the United States and outside it’s borders.

I am encouraged by the words of Zainab Amadahy  a Black/Cherokee writer who talks about “Understanding the world through a Relationship Framework, where we don’t see ourselves, our communities, or our species as inherently superior to any other, but rather see our roles and responsibilities to each other as inherent to enjoying our life experiences.”

“The American People refuse to be terrorized” Says Obama. Well, so do the people living under your sick, evil, horrifying civilian-slaughtering terrorism attacks.

I stand in solidarity with social movements throughout the world fighting an end to injustice, US imperialism and those working towards self-determination & collective liberation.



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