Mr. Brennan, The Yemeni people DO mind your drone killings


Mr. Brennan claims that in Yemen, there’s no opposition to drones.

Really Mr. Brennan, Are we invisible to you?

There is no one I can think of who would agree to your statement. As a matter of fact, some of us here in Yemen have been trying to organize an online live debate on the use of drones in Yemen but we’ve been having  trouble finding  advocates of it’s use,  so perhaps you may know someone I need to be in contact with?

I don’t blame you. How would you know how Yemenis feel? You live thousands of miles away in a beautiful Langley home. Inside your cozy home, you lay on your couch and create your strategy “How to kill  brown people and get away with it”

Well, how has your strategy worked for you so far? What has the the impact of drone operations in Majala, Marib, Saada, Abyan and all the other cities you keep bombing in Yemen, been like? I am genuinely really interested to hear your answer to this. Because it seems like I am just not seeing it, nor am I understanding what the impact of your Counter-terrorism policy really is?

You serve President Hadi’s regime and while he embraces your drone strikes, the Yemeni people do not. Without any transparency, accountability or even definitions given to terms that you so loosely use for your kill list, civilians are forced to die and live in constant fear.

The countless innocents killed and terrorized are not invisible. They are our mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers.

Your refusal to acknowledge their existence before you had them killed  off by a remote control is pretty nauseating. Americans and Yemenis need to know what is being done in their name.

So don’t be surprised when you hear “death to America” because it’s not President Hadi who has to experience living under drones, it’s innocent civilians being forced to experience death, trauma and fear. You come into their country and suddenly drop bombs in their villages and cities. You kill their families; destroy their schools and what’s left of their community.  And when they push back, you wonder why.

I don’t know, would you be angry, Mr. Brennan? What if a plane just sat there in the skies of Langley, VA for hours a day and your son or daughter had gone out to buy you some eggs from the grocery store. Your child never comes home because a drone strike hit that grocery store. God Bless the U.S.A, they’re trying to protect you, right?

Why is it so hard to think of an alternative way to “counter-terror”?

Here’s a thought, maybe the Yemeni government can try actually reaching out to it’s people, stop permitting U.S. Drones and airstrikes, invest in its people and it’s country. Build schools, community centers, and hospitals, not drop bombs.

as one Yemeni activist, Baraa Shiban,  put it  “1 drone missile costs 68 thousand USD, imagine how many schools we could’ve built with the number of drones in #Yemen .. #NoDrones”

I refuse to let you describe the counter-terrorism policies as ethical, “wise,” and that they are even anywhere close to being compliant with international law. You claim the only people you kill are militants but who are these militants? Anyone male, 15 years and older? Why are you lying? Why don’t you acknowledge how many precious lives you left dead?

The Yemeni people DO mind your murder. You destroy our villages and scare our people. We may remain invisible and hidden to you and to  most Americans but we refuse to let you speak on our behalf. We do not accept your dirty imperialistic war. We will not allow for our brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers, to be simply dismissed as “collateral damage”.

Not in our name you won’t.


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