Stolen Lands : A Chronicle of Corruption in Yemen

So I just got back from visiting this place (Saleh Mosque) . The picture  forms a common narrative of long-time residents and communities being pushed out from their lands and receiving little or no compensation of their displacement for the benefit of a few. The infamous Saleh Mosque, pictured above, is in Sana’a, Yemen. This mosque was built on stolen lands in 2008 with stolen money for a corrupt man, Ali Abdullah Al Saleh.
Though many communities in Yemen have lost their livelihoods because of land grabbing issues by the Saleh regime,  the subject of the people’s land could not be a subject central to the Yemeni revolution. This is unfortunately because much of the opposition co-opted the youth led revolution and blocked grievances and demands that focused on urban and land issues.(A subtext to that story is the deep and complex corruption schemes that characterize the defunct regime and members from well known opposition parties that include their endemic land grabbing practices. More on that later..)

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 photos taken with my handy phone 🙂


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